The Shocker is the next evolution from Sorba Chattanooga's Soul Sucker Race.

The Shocker is brought to you by Suck Creek Cycle.  Additional support comes from Handup Gloves and a post race party at Heaven & Ale on Chattanooga's North Shore.  Expect shenanigans on the High Voltage trail, but please don't take a hand-up if you are white knuckling the trail

There are 2 categories advanced men and advanced women.  Bring your fastest bike.  Course map can be found below and on the registration page.

The course is slightly different.  It will be held in conjunction with a Tennessee Youth Mountain Bike Racing Series (TYMBR) event called the Tennessee River Gorge Jamboree.  Adult beginner and intermediate races will take place on the same course as the TYMBR Series race.  Please visit WWW.TYMBR.ROCKS for more information on that race

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Trail map was provided by Jeff Bartlett

Trail map was provided by Jeff Bartlett